KP Basements Services

Crawl Space Drainage and Encapsulation

KP Basements offers affordable solutions to your damp crawl space. We will level and encapsulate your crawl space with our 2 parts system including 12 mil tear / mold / fire resistant poly to ensure your space stays safe and dry.

With added options for drainage and new supports. We are confident we can sort out any and all of your crawl space concerns.

Sump Pump Installations

First step to a dry usable basement is having a reliable sump pump installed. A custom perforated liner which only allows water in when needed, keeps your pumps lasting longer! We will work with you to find a pump that best suits your needs based on your homes water table.

Interior Waterproofing

1. Removing old concrete and trenching perimeter. 2. Core drilling each cell to allow water to escape. 3. Installing drainage tile with clean stone and tying it into a new or existing sump pit. 4. Installing dimple board to suit your needs (i.e. 2ft, 4ft, full wall). 5. Replacing concrete and clean up, so you can begin enjoying your DRY basement!

Wall Repairs and Mold Removal

Leaks can often lead to mold which, in time, can cause you or your family to become sick. Mold increases the symptoms of asthma and allergies in addition to a number of other ailments. We will remove and treat all mold in your basement and throughout your house quickly, efficiently and effectively. Whether it requires a minor treatment or wall replacement we have you covered!

Now offering designed exterior system to help with flooding back yards

Yard Flooding Solutions

KP Basements now offers solutions for flooded yards by installing Catch Basins with custom drainage layouts. We can effectively make your backyard usable again!

General Repairs

From framing and drywall, to exterior parging and paint. We do it all, for examples of our recent restoration project visit our Facebook page!!

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